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In the mid 80's, Alexandre Guarneri, at 15 years old, discovered the hip-hop movement from New York through the breakers and their street art. Intrigued by this new lifestyle, he was the first to print T-shirts with graffiti and to import collector sneakers, bags "Manhattan portage" and American workers jackets that were not yet in France. He launched his own brand in 1992 at the age of 22 years old, and HOMECORE was born.

HOMECORE evolved with its founder. Tired with fashion trends, and with a strong desire to give more sense, Alexandre Guarneri adjusted the brand's style in the 2000s. HOMECORE became the brand which put together the hip-hop guy and the yuppy guy by mixing the codes.

Today, HOMECORE is a “chic" aesthetic but not ostentatious, with interesting, but not superficial details. It is a practical wardrobe for the everyday use of the modern urban man. The essence of the HOMECORE customer is defined by authentic attitude, discreet presence, sincere spontaneity. The 4 pillars of HOMECORE are: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.

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