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Mads Norgaard

“Finally, I believe that fashion is meant to support you and free you, not overrule or control you. What you wear should support you in your ways and beliefs. That’s how I see it.” - Mads Nørgaard

In the world of Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen, Mads is deeply in love with fashion and the changing of the times. When Mads Nørgaard opened his shop in October 1986 he realized that there where things missing that he could not find in other collections. He started producing his own designs, and soon after, due to rising demand from other retailers, he began to sell his collection. Mads takes base in a core of fashionable classics and builds his collections around that core; for women and for men. Mads design philosophy is to make girls sexier and guys tougher – always from a modernistic point of view.

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